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My Solar Imaging Setup


Recently, i have been using Lunt 152 Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope and it has been showing some really stunning results.

My older Lunt 60 is now dedicated for public solar viewing sessions. 


I recently purchased Celestron CGE DX model. It is much more than what i expected.. works like a charm even at high magnifications.


'Imaging Source' DMK21 is a great planetary camera. Though it is capable of imaging at 60 frames per second, I almost always shoot at 30 frames per second. 


Televue 2.5X is really a great barlow specially with hygroden alpha telescope. Occasionally i do try Televue 5X balrow for prominences.


 I just love me Macbook Pro. Its a 15 inch laptop with i7 processor, came with 8 GB RAM but i changed it with 12 GB to use it efficiently with Parallel Software and Windows 7. From acquisition to processing, everything is done on this machine.