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My Solar Imaging Setup


Recently, i have been using Lunt 152 Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope and it has been showing some really stunning results.

I also have a 127mm APO refractor donated to me by Stephen Ramsdan of CBSAP group.


I recently purchased Celestron CGE DX model. It is much more than what i expected.. works like a charm even at high magnifications.


I am now using ZWO cameras; specially 174 mono is so amazing!

'Imaging Source' DMK21 is a great planetary camera. Though it is capable of imaging at 60 frames per second, I almost always shoot at 30 frames per second. 


Televue 2.5X is really a great barlow specially with hygroden alpha telescope. Occasionally i do try Televue 5X balrow for prominences.


 Currently i am using Acer Predator 17X Gaming Laptop. It is big.. it is heavy but it gives me outstanding performance when using high frame rates from solar and planetary cameras. Also it provides lightening fast processing of big AVI files.