20 Feb, 2017


After a long time, i came to the observatory. Weather is clear though not very transparent. 


For some unknown reason, everything is reset in the Gemini Control.. Everything! The Gemini GPS reciever is working incorrectly.. it correctly identifies the geographical coordinates but the timezone is completely wrong. I woud have to look more into it. For now, i am doing manual entires.

Telescope says the mount is tracking but it is not. Have restarted the Gemini Control a few times.. no solution yet.


'Cold Start' is the final solution for almost every problem Gemini faces. Pointing it at North and restarting the mount as 'Cold Start'

Pointing and Tracking is still bad.  Also the SkyX Pro is not correctly controlling the mount.


Slewed to a star, Caster and synched the mount with it. All is fine now.


I do not usually image DSOs.. but for fun, aqcuiring luminance data of a spiral galaxy right now. 


Clouds came after some time and i could get only 80 minutes of luminance data.


Observatory is closed.