30 November, 2016


Sky is partly cloudy.. and hazy too.


I have installed the newly arrived GPS receiver in the mount and it is working all fine!


The humidity is very high.. 79% right now in the observatory.. not good.


Sky is getting worst here.. I cannot attempt any deep sky objects tonight. I am going to attempt to collect some astrometric data.


TCF is not focusing.. the focus point has moved beyond 7000.. beyond the limit of TCF. I now need to change the focus manually and readjust few more things.


Alright.. i have loosened the mirror holding of C14 telescope, changed the TCF value from 7000 to 2500, have manually refocused the scope with the help of Bahtinov mask, collimated the optics again, refocused the system with the automated TCF Focuser and now the star is perfectly focused!


The humidity level in the observatory room has gone upto 94%!! Things are dripping, literally!

I have turned off everything and closed the roof.