29 November, 2016


Roof is opened. Sky is not that good as it was yesterday and the day before it. I could barely see 3.5 magnitude star, which was Achird in Cassiopeiae constellation.

Waiting for the system to cool down.

The 'Cloud Sensor' was reading the clarity aroun 25 these past two nights; tonight it is 17.. bad news indeed!


I live very near to a big market where they throw so much light on the sky that the eastern part is heavily light polluted and this it the hemisphere where i almost always image. Further there is a huge screen they have placed, which is just half a mile from my observatory. Cannot do anything about it.


Now taking luminance frames of NGC 891 galaxy. Since the sky is not so good tonight, it is looking very dim on my screen.


Experimented on focusing.. going to write a short blog on it.

Photons from NGC 891 still coming through.


This i just wrote: http://umairasim.com/blog/2016/11/29/temperature-effect-on-focusing


Took a quick photometric V filter data of V0725 Tau, analyises and submitted to AAVSO.


Observatory is closed now.