28 November, 2016


Opened the roof.. tonight the sky is also very promising.


Need to take some flats for luminance filter.


I found a wooden circular thing they use for art in a stationary store. Immediately realized that i can use it for taking flats. Just going to experiment on this.


Success!! It worked perfectly :) Now on to flat images.


Adding image rotator has made my life so easy and so difficult at the same time. With camera angle rotation, light cone is also rotated. So i need lots and lots of flat frames. Doing that right now.


Stopped the flats thing and on the one of the asteroids i am observing these days.


Imaging has begun.. I will at least take an hour worth of data of this asteroid for a good astrometry.


Collected 43 images, each of 90 seconds.. I will do the astrometric analysis later.


Got images of a beautiful part of Orion Nebula.. an hour worth of data. Imaged another asteroid.

Having difficulties with the TCF focuser.. i have reached the end of its position. Probably tomorrow i will change the focuser of the OTA and then there are many steps before i can restarty imaging routine again.


Observatory is closed now.