26 November, 2016


By the time night started, it is all crisp and clear. Virtually the haze is gone. 


Patches of clouds came from the west. These days i first go to Capella, after i start my system, to check the pointing accuracy. I could see Capella clearly.. now it is behind the clouds.

Camera is cooling down and it is at -18C right now. I image at -30 C.


The telescope is at the target right now but clouds have covered the two third of the sky right now. Only the west side is clear. I hope these clouds will pass in about 15 minutes.

I and the telescope are all ready for this Asteroid tracking.


Mount tracking is not being good to me. Somehow the mount keeps pushing the scope towards east. I have yet to figure out why this is happening.. may be some backlash issue.


Problem solved! Auto guiding is on and the guide star is dead center now.. happy me :)


I have tracked three asteroids so far. Analyzing the data now.

V0725 Tau is the next target. V band is done, B has just started.


have finished tri band BVI data aqcuisition, processed these images and aqcuired the magnitude of V0725 Tau star. Submitted to AAVSO.

Also got some images of LL Ori in luminance filter. Seeing became a bit bad.. the guide star was jumping all around even at 16.7 Hz of autogiiding. 


Observatory is closed now.. going to take a good night sleep!