24 November, 2016


Sky was cloudy all day but became better in the evening. I have just come from an outreach session for young children, which just gave me another shot of 'redbull' to continue and expand my outreach programs.


The sky is all clear.. at least for now. I have opened the observatory's roof and the sequence of operation has started.


System is all ready, focused, on target, guide star found and being guided right now. Imaging has begun!


A good tracking of an asteroid has been performed for about an hour and a half.

Now on to photometry stuff!


I Filter covered.. now switching to V. Autoguiding is been amazing!

Sky is still clear, no clouds.. though a bit hazy.


I and V reports submitted.. data looks quite good.

B is coming..


Submitted all thre band to AAVSO. Closing the observatory now.