19 November, 2016


Opened the roof and the SOP of the observatory began, in which number of steps are involved before i can actually start imaging runs.


First image of V0725 Tau is received from the camera in I Band.


100 images have been collected in I band.


100 images of V and B band have been acquired now. The last image received at 01:51.


 Rarely i have attempted moon with C14 telescope and SBIG ST9XE camera. I have a very sensitive CCD and moon is always way more brighter than my chip can record. But this night, i am going to work seriously on my setup to see if i can actually get a nice lunar image.

I will write a blog with all the details of the imaging process i used. In short, i used an infrared filter and got many frames of 'Sea of Serenity' on the moon. The images were from 02:15 to 02:30.


Next run was from 03:10 to 04:24 and during this time i acquired 2, 569 images of the same area. 


Submitted the data to AAVSO and closed the roof.. time to head home!