18 November, 2016


Observatory is being ready for tonight's observations.

Dark frames library is being updated in the past few days. Next group is of 240 seconds Dark frames.

Some guests came to visit the observatory.. They were shown the telescope fully engaged in doing, what it is being told to :)


22 Dark frames of 240 seconds have been collected.


Slewing to V0725 Tau star in Taurus constellation. I band will be the first to capture.


160 frames have been acquired. Maxim DL, as always, is being used to 'clean' all images.


V0725 Tau is reported as 7.773 magnitude in I band to AAVSO.

Now on to V band.


V data reduced and analysed. The reading of 8.741 magnitude is submitted to AAVSO.

Onto B band now!