My observatory is named after my mother’s name ‘Zahida’ who is always supporting me for Astronomy and everything else in my life. The best mom in the world!

I bought my first astronomical equipment in Late 2003 and started using it in early 2004. It was Celestron C14 telescope, Losmandy Titan Mount, SBIG ST9XE camera and Televue Negler eyepieces with other accessories. I installed all my equipment at my rooftop in a roll off roof observatory, which i got made locally.

In later years, i kept on upgrading my observatory with various accessories. A few years back i got Lunt60 imaging package and with DMK21 camera i was able to get so many stunning images of the solar prominences, filaments and sunspots.

On 3 December, 2013, i received Lunt152! This is such huge solar telescope, dedicated for hydrogen alpha viewing of our own star. I am doing my imaging runs with DMK21 and Lunt152 and the results are truly out of this world.

Personal Weather Station at the Observatory