My observatory is named after my mother’s name ‘Zahida’ who is always supporting me for Astronomy and everything else in my life. The best mom in the world!

I bought my first astronomical equipment in Late 2003 and started using it in early 2004. It was Celestron .

With the C14 and SBIG ST9XE with other accessories (Rotator, TCF, Adaptive Optics, Filter Wheel), i get an imaging scale of 0.95 arcseconds with a field of view of 8 * 8 arcminutes.


  1. Celestron C14

  2. Lunt 152 Halpha Solar Telescope

  3. CBSAP 127 Triplet Refractor

  4. Sky Watcher Dobsonian Manual 10 inch

  5. Sky Watcher Dobsonian GOTO 12 inch

  6. Orion 80mm Refractor

  7. Daystar 80mm Refractors


  1. Losmandy Titan with Gemini Mini

  2. Celestron CGEM Delux


  1. SBIG ST9XE dual sensor, dual cooling


  3. ZWO ASI 174 mono

  4. ZWO ASI 224 colored

  5. Canon 6D


  1. Astrodon LRGB

  2. Astrodon Narrowband


  1. OPTEC TCF Focuser

  2. OPTEC 3" Pyxis Rotator

and many accessories