Prominence Animation - 30 August 2013

To really appreciate the movie, do watch it a few times to notice every detail in the prominence and at solar limb. So much is happening here.. i keep on watching the movements and there is always something new i notice. In the beginning, there is a 'puff' at the surface. These puffs are faster than the rest of the movement of giant prominence and this one in particular is roughly half of the size of our entire planet earth.. i love to watch them!

Then there are a few big and small pieces flying from the left small prominence to the base of the right big one. The big one seems to move in 3D, rotating and dropping pieces here and there.

I started recordings at 10:55AM and ended at 12:03PM. You can see the sharpness is much better in the beginning and it keeps on getting blurry towards the end. I have noticed this pattern with my other animations. It seems sun behaves much better earlier in the morning and the seeing keeps on getting worst as the day progress, may be because of the heat piling up in the earth's atmosphere?