Full Solar Disk - 4 July 2013

When i upload the images of the prominence, i start to get the requests for the picture of the whole disk of the Sun. With 'Imaging Source DMK21 camera, i have a comparatively small CCD chip. This works well because i can get to 60 fps with totally uncompressed raw images. The trade-off is that i can image a very small portion of the sky.

To image the whole disk of the Sun, today i removed the 2.5X barlow (which obviously zooms the view 2.5 times) between the camera and the 60 mm telescope.. this still does not give me the whole disk of the sun.  So to capture the whole disk, i must record 4 different AVI of each quadrant of the Sun.

I went upto 10,000 images in less than 3 minutes and used a 1,000 to stack and process with my usual routine.  Photoshop was not behaving with its Automate-Photomerge feature so i had to stitch each image manually.. its really hard to manage the brightness/contrast this way.

Here are the final images.. Which is the best one for you?