New and a Big toy at my observatory

Here is the announcement: I am now the proud owner of Lunt152 Hydrogen Alpha solar telescope!

My experience with Lunt60 telescope, which has of course 60mm aperture lens, has been really fascinating, from super sharp views of the prominences and solar atmosphere, to very detailed images.

Meanwhile i had been watching images from 152 aperture telescopes and those images are literally out of this world. Aperture envy in astronomers does have its reasons.

On 3rd of December, i received my shipment on Lahore Airport Cargo area via FedEx. Lunt152 is big and heavy and cannot be used on previously owned Celestron VX Mount so i also bought Celestron CGEM DX Mount which is much better in handling the big scope such as Lunt152.

First look at the boxes outside the cargo area

Lunt152 carrying case unboxing 

After reaching home, i could not wait a moment and immediately started fixing the mount only to discover that i cannot place the telescope on the top because the dovetail bar Lunt152 comes with, is far too thin for CGEM to grip it.. not happy.

The issue is, everything one needs about telescopes and mounts etc here in Pakistan, one has to buy it from the outside. I needed it to be made locally and locally i got it made. Yesterday i installed it at my observatory building and this thing is Huge folks! Here is how it all looks.