Sunspot 1598

There are three active sunspot region on the sun. Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is showing the following image right now:

Solar disk with sunspots ( SOHO website )

Solar disk with sunspots (SOHO website)

I have got AVIs of all these three regions but the most interesting is 1598; it has a complex structure and is  quite a big one. when compared with our earthly standards. Following are the images from my processing run or lets just say, "image ladder" AVI file contains many hundreds or thousands of images. Seeing allows both worst and good views to pass through the atmosphere. The image on right is the worst image in the AVI and on the left (traces of granulation) is the sharpest one.

After aligning and stacking in AVIstack, and then a pass through Registax and Photoshop here are the final mono and colored images.

And here is the comparison with our planet.. now you can truly see how big is this region when earth is put to scale here: