SkyWatcher Dob 10 inch

by Umair Asim

I have started selling astronomical telescopes here in lahore! This was one of my big astro dream that people should be able to buy telescope within pakistan. As far as i know, Karachi and Lahore are the only two cities which are providing astronomical telescopes for sale now.

I had never used a skywatcher telescope before and i was keen to open up a box, any box and the one i opened was a 10 inch manual dobsonian.

Assembly was easy and quick. The telescope looked very nice.

At night i saw moon with it and the contrast was amazing indeed. Skywatcher produce very nice products! Here is the moon image i took with my cell phone, single frame no enhancements.

Solar Outreach - Govt Girls High School

by Umair Asim

I was invited for a solar observation session, by RABTT society who is very active in reforming traditional educational routines in the lives of school children. Today i went to Government Comprehensive Girls High School which is located at Wahdat Road, Lahore.  

I first distributed the solar glasses to all the students and talked briefly about how to view to sun safely. They were all so very excited about actually looking at the sun with the solar scope that they wanted me to skip the words and go outside to watch the sun.  

With the Lunt60 telescope and Lunt zoom eyepiece, they saw the sun in its full glory.. a big prominence, some smaller ones and a couple of sunspots near a big filament. I have rarely seen the excitment they were having on their faces. 

Thanks RABTT for this wonderful oppertunity to show the sun to these students.

Oh and in the end, one of my new friends and my fellow TEDx UET speaker Omer Najam appeared from nowhere! Good to see you janab! 


Solar Observation for Madrassa Students

by Umair Asim

This was one of the most memorable outreach session for me. The students of a Madrassa literally came running to the solar telescope as soon as they saw an odd looking machine near their mosque.

First i gave them the solar glasses. Now just look at them smiling with these on their faces :) I gave them all the glasses i had in my car and requested  to take these to their homes and show their class fellows, siblings and parents. Next they saw the sun through the halpha telescope. Everyone just glued himself with the eyepiece; i was requesting for others' right to see the sun.

Nothing was planned there. I actually went to see my friend and when we ordered the food, the thought came to my mind. There is a Madrassa right there so why not show the kids the wonders of the universe. Wherever i go, my halpha telescope is always in my car trunk. So there i was, showing them the 'fire' on the sun and how much they got excited is beyond the words i can write.

Another solar outreach.. another happy day :)

Saint Peters School

by Umair Asim

One of my astro buddy, Ahsan Khursheed requested a solar outreach at Saint Peters School a few days ago. Maroof Ahsan and I went to the school on 7 May 2014.

It was an amazing experience indeed.. we showed the sun through halpha telescope and solar glasses to more than 400 students and the teaching staff.. these pictures show all the enthusiasm they showed for the sun.. It was more than 100 F and they still wanted to see more of it!

By far the best part was when we showed 12 mentally challenged students (pictured in red shirts in the last pictures) from the adjacent school. They were not speaking clear words but the expressions of joy on their faces made me so happy. I have so much respect for the teachers who are teaching these students!